Our mission is to remind women who they are in Christ. We help align women to their destinies and celebrate them. We are a ministry that reaches around the world engaging in healing and empowerment focused on women. We believe in clothing oneself in the identity of Christ.
We promote walking in purity and grace and empowerment. We are about assisting women to finish their goals and raising them up to their true potential and guiding them in starting their own businesses or life ventures. We provide community and support. 

Pastor Sarah Dean is also a fashion designer who operates by Revelations 19.7. She believes that we should be prepared on the inside as well as on the outside for the wedding feast."

Check out her collection at www.brideofChristcollection.com
We can come to your area free of Charge if you have 5 or more guests interested in pursuing our Coaching program. Coaching program and or Ceremonies for Christ can be found here >

Check us out at www.brideofChristcollection.com